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2016/2017 Roster

# Name   Thr/Bat Grad Yr Season
1 Abbey, Cayla
COMMITTEDCayla has verbally committed to
Quinnipiac University
R/L 2018 4th
6 Bechtel, Nicole
COMMITTEDNicole has verbally committed to
University of South Florida
R/R 2018 3rd
3 Berkley, Amanda
COMMITTEDAmanda has signed a Letter of Intent to
Mount St. Mary's University
R/R 2017 1st
22 Bonshock, Kaia L/L 2018 6th
10 Covington, Kate
COMMITTEDKate has signed a Letter of Intent to
University Of Virginia
R/R 2017 1st
7 Dawson, Haley R/R 2018 1st
2 Estep, Alexis R/R 2019 6th
4 Focht, Mikayla
COMMITTEDMikayla has signed a Letter of Intent to
St. Francis University
R/R 2017 2nd
23 Goodwin, Jeese
COMMITTEDJeese has signed a Letter of Intent to
George Mason University
R/R 2017 1st
9 Gress, Sam R/R 2019 1st
13 Haney, Katie R/R 2017 1st
8 Haney, Virginia R/R 2019 1st
14 Joyce, Cailey R/R 2018 2nd
25 Wingert, Katie
COMMITTEDKatie has verbally committed to
Rutgers University
R/R 2018 4th